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Are you, or do you want to become, an INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE with a successful career?  Do you know how to achieve promotion, recognition, respect and good results internationally even when you are competing against native English speakers?  Do you want greater responsibility and reliable results, to find visibility and success in a competitive, multicultural market – Executive Coaching and Business English for International Executives will help get you where you want to be!

If English is NOT your first language, how can you be sure to have an impressive career?  Well, surprising as it might seem, even though English is the international language of business, speaking perfect English is not essential!  Yes, obviously you need to speak reasonably good English, as well as understand what your English speaking clients and colleagues are saying, but equally or more important than this, is accepting and understanding the culture, mentality, way of thinking, way of working, beliefs, values and history of the professionals you are dealing with.  If you do not gain their trust, if you don’t establish a genuinely good rapport with them, you can kiss goodbye all your hopes and dreams…

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As I see it… When is English not English?

When is English not English? When it’s American, of course. I recently had the task of explaining to a Norwegian-born, American-raised university graduate that what passes for ‘English’ in America doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning in dear old Blighty.