Good Business English is Not Enough!

⇒ To succeed internationally you need to have more than just a command of the language.

⇒ You need to understand business cultures, protocol, how to gain their trust and get things done...

7 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask BEFORE you hire a Business English trainer or International Executive Coach

Helping senior women executives (and enlightened men) succeed in international business when English is a 2nd language

Business English

 Business English & International Relations

Do you need confident, correct Business English to succeed in your work and your career?  Do you excel in international meetings, negotiations, presentations. Use your own situations, obtain rapid results. Read more…

For a successful international career and dynamic future you must  understand other business cultures, protocol and way of working. Read more…

International Relations

Career & International Transitions

Do you want your professional life to change? Can you lead your team through a new challenge? Do you want to become visible on a national or international stage?

Focus positively and effectively on integrating new cultures, managing career and/or international transitions, developing and succeeding in your choice of future.  Read more…

Women’s Career Advancement

Are you a motivated professional woman? A successful department manager or team leader and have fixed your goal on becoming a Director, Senior Executive or Board member? Are you a developing woman leader?

If you are ready to move up the proverbial career ladder, you need help finding the best way forward. Use your talents to reach the highest level of decision making in your corporate career. Read more…

Our project together was successful. I quickly saw results...

Iratxe Garcia
Senior Lean & Quality Manager, Spain

I am now at a high level in business English and feel confident negotiating in an international market.

Laurence Sottel
National Sales Director, France

She provided me with an understanding of the language, mentality and different ways of working...

Pascal Wavrant
Senior Accountant, France