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7 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask BEFORE you hire a Business English trainer or International Executive Coach

Helping senior women executives (and enlightened men) succeed in international relations and business when English is a 2nd language.

Issues you need to address? Sensitive negotiations or transitions along the way? How can you progress smoothly and diplomatically along your current path and succeed internationally both in professional and social situations? Helping you find the way that is right for you and your position is the work I do, so you can achieve your objectives with delicacy, tact and authority.                                                                                                                                  Google+

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Adjectives mind map

  If you would like to download a pdf of this mind map about adjectives please click: ADJECTIVE

Tuesday's tips

History of the English Language

. History of the English Language This is a wonderful infogram on the History of the English Language! Do you like history?  Do you know the history of your own language?  If you do, please comment in the box below,

Download: 7 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask BEFORE you hire a Business English or Executive Success Coach!Yes please!