Bilingualism and Business English

Is English your second language? Do you need good, confident business English to succeed in your career?

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Find and overcome your problems so you communicate professionally.
  • Learn industry specific, business and social vocabulary necessary for your situation.
  • Understand the requirements of meetings, presentations, negotiations in an international context.
  • Establish rapport and trust by adapting to the different culture and ways of working

Business around the worldWhy coaching?

⇒ Think about what you want in life and your career

It is very important to work with your individual aspirations, so we can create systems, techniques and challenges that will let you achieve what you are aiming for.  As your Business English coach, I don’t just help you rapidly improve your speaking skills and understanding of Business English, I also help you design and build your skills so together we focus on your significant progress in your professional position and along your career path … ***Before you read more about the courses I offer, I would like to offer you some regular (free) advice, support and tools to help you improve your business English.   Join here for free membership of the Business English and International Relations resources section and/or sign up here to receive Insider Strategy, for tips and smarts for becoming more confident, dynamic, innovative and successful!

Now find out more about choosing and personalising the best program for you:


By providing real world practical scenarios that are situational and dynamic as well as interesting and challenging you quickly and easily focus on establishing rapport and creating a connection with the other person so natural communication takes place. Communication of ideas is primary which becomes more apparent with strong and effective grounding and use of correct phrases and expressions gained during the training exercises

Language and grammar?

As well as learning language fundamentals and grammar you become skilled at adapting to the different values, culture, way of thinking and work habits. You rapidly improve speaking and understanding Business English which means you communicate efficiently, effectively and confidently in all professional situations.


As a result, you quickly and easily become fluent and comfortable in English, your confidence grows and your expertise and natural authority are obvious.
Master correct English and business practice, understand the culture and mentality, build successful working relationships! Coaching is tailored to your specific requirements: – Conferences, conversation, meetings, negotiations, presentations, reports… as well as leadership, project management, business skills and cross-cultural integration – all that is necessary to successfully understand and respond to your professional position, business and career needs.

How and where?

We can work together from anywhere in the world by telephone / online or in my home office space face to face workshops.

By telephone / online

Too much to do for regular lessons in your office? Not always available during normal working hours? Training in Business English by telephone / online makes your life easier!

Accessible, rapid results course – individual coaching each week, you can choose sessions of 30 minutes or one hour, once or several times per week, early morning, during the day, in the evening, from anywhere you want – by telephone or online with an internet connection.  This particular learning style emphasises understanding of spoken English and oral communication in professional situations.

⇒ Do you find it difficult to speak clearly and easily?
⇒ Do you easily understand what is being said?
⇒ Do you know the correct way to communicate in English?

Working together regularly once or twice a week rapidly increases your confidence, fluency and professionalism in Business English.

By the very nature of using a telephone:
⇒ You are forced to concentrate on what you hear and say, this makes for rapid improvement in your speaking and communication skills.
⇒ The fact that you can only hear your speaker sharpens your auditory senses so you interpret and analyse what you hear more clearly.
⇒ You refine your speech and clarify pronunciation skills to improve performance
Want the best of telephone and face to face learning systems? Online is a flexible learning system with numerous advantages?
⇒ As easy as face to face, we can see each other via webcam.
⇒ Choice of platforms – skype / webex / anymeeting… etc.
⇒ As effective as by telephone, we can use just the audio link to replicate telephone.
⇒ Looking at a presentation, reading an article, creating a document to work on together – that’s easy with screen share.
⇒ Total flexibility – from your home, your office, on a business trip, from wherever you are with your laptop and internet connection!
Each course is created to your specific requirements and objectives
Advantages of one to one training and coaching

As you probably already know, one to one training and coaching is ‘the’ most effective route to achieving results and progressing rapidly. Why? Because you get access to independent, expert guidance that is created for your specific situation.

You quickly and easily learn the Business English necessary to communicate professionally and work internationally. Wee focus our work together on the themes you choose. We create an innovating program to enhance your current position and meet your desire to progress or even change direction in your career.

You achieve better results, you move your life towards your future goals, and, it takes you less time with reduced stress.

You see rapid improvement in your Business English skills, you interact powerfully and confidently with your foreign clients and colleagues. You understand the different culture, build strong relationships and become effective and competent in their way of working.

Face to face workshops

You want the fast-track to the top?

FACE to FACE ‘Professional’ Business English workshops in my home office space in Brittany: For you, a motivated, focused professional committed to a successful outcome… an intensive, results oriented professional Business English program designed especially to your individual requirements.

⇒ Is your work international?
⇒ Do you deal frequently with other countries?
⇒ Do you want to focus on specific professional themes and projects?

  • Do you understand what they want?
  • Do they understand you?
  • Do you understand what they say?
  • Can you explain your business, your work and your product or service clearly and effectively?

At the end of the meeting or conversation do you feel confident and satisfied that you had clear, positive and productive interaction? Or, do you feel frustrated, disappointed and pessimistic because it was confusing, there were misunderstandings and it was a stressful and unproductive experience?

Focus on the solution to poor meetings, difficult conversations, negative experiences and stressful situations. You will gain the knowledge, confidence and experience to overcome the difference in culture and mentality between different nationalities. You will speak fluently and confidently in Business English to attain your objectives. You will learn how to communicate as comfortably and effectively with your international clients and colleagues in English as you do when speaking your own language.

These are some of the options you can select on the Professional face to face workshop program:

⇒ one-to-one business English coaching
⇒ focused themes and exercises
⇒ industry specific material
⇒ international business skills development
⇒ cross-cultural integration
⇒ international business etiquette and protocol
⇒ Speaking skills and business conversations with special attention on accent, pronunciation and correct use of idioms

Depending on your objectives and schedule, this workshop program is available as follows:
  • half days semi-intensive (4 hours),
  • or full days intensive (7 hours).

It is especially designed to best suit your needs and goals so you achieve maximum success. Please contact me to talk about your situation, objectives and priorities.

Please contact me today by telephone on +33 9 82 59 76 37 or via the contact form so we can talk more about what you would like and to discuss your personalised program.