Langenecker1bDieter Langenecker Life Mentoring  is very supportive in helping people Living a Meaningful Life. He specializes in Personal Mentoring, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship and International Change-Management and is currently working on a new business approach based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy. (See an article he wrote recently here)

Dieter interviewed me about the work I do with the Rwanda Literacy Project. This association  was set up to answer a fundamental need – helping the survival and education of women, children, widows and other destitute people trying to exist in a war-torn and developing country.  Until now, most of these young children, girls and widows have been living abandoned on the streets, with no family, no-one to care for them, no one to help them and definitely no hopes for the future….

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RSM vertJanuary 5th, 2013 – Anna Cook was interviewed by Mariela Dabbah of the Red Shoe Movement. Anna has since become the General Director of the Red Shoe Movement France.  Click here…

The Red Shoe Movement is a movement of women supporting women for career success, our mission is to help increase female representation at the highest levels of decision-making across all kinds of organizations.  How did it start? As a result of writing her book Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of Success, (Poder de Mujer: Descubre quién eres para crear el éxito a tu medida) Mariela Dabbah, award-winning best-selling author, realized that there was a narrative out there about women being unsupportive of each other’s careers. She launched the Red Shoe Movement, Women Supporting Women For Career Success to disprove the myth that women can not be each other’s allies when it comes to fulfilling their career aspirations. At the intersection of fashion and empowerment, women all over the world are embracing the RSM as a way to move the needle faster in female representation at the highest levels of decision-making. Companies around the world are bringing the RSM to organizations as an effective way to engage, promote and retain their women employees. They know that supporting the career success of women employees positively impacts their bottom line.