How to achieve successful international relations

Speaking the language is not enough, you need to understand their culture, protocol and way of working

  • Learn the business culture and protocol of the country
  • Understand their values and beliefs for better relationships
  • Integrate and adapt your objectives to their way of working
  • Earn their respect, gain their trust and win their business

climbing_ladderWhy coaching?

⇒ Think about what you want in life and your career

It is very important to work with your individual aspirations, so we can create systems, techniques and challenges that will let you achieve what you are aiming for.

You probably already know that one-to-one coaching is *the* most effective way of getting results and building a sustainable improvement. Why is it so effective?  Because with coaching you receive independent, objective, expert guidance and support that is designed for your specific situation. You don’t waste time with all the things you could be doing to get there, but you laser-focus on exactly what you should be doing for your particular goals and ambitions. You work on the skills that will give you the best and quickest results. As your International Relations coach, I don’t just help you rapidly improve your intercultural adaptability and understanding of working internationally, I also help you design and build your skills so together we focus on your significant progress in your professional position and along your career path … Will we work well together?  The best way to find out is to talk together, to discuss what you are aiming for, the way you like working, to plan what we can do together, then see the feeling we get from this…

Also you can get to know me by reading my articles and subscribing to my Insider Strategy emails. If my ideas and experiences ‘talk’ to you… if you like the idea of receiving added value, of being positive and focused, of giving and receiving encouragement and support in the workplace and your career; if the concept of viewing your international development as fulfilling and rewarding, as well as challenging, excites you – then yes, let’s talk about how we could work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to change what I do successfully in my own country?

You may be the most successful business negotiator or team leader in your own company or country but do you know how to be polite, what is socially correct behaviour, what it is acceptable or considered offensive to talk about, how to meet, greet and present things in a different country? If you get it wrong, you will likely lose their trust, goodwill and future opportunities.  If you appear rude, vulgar or disrespectful do you really think you are going to succeed?  Just think of the equivalent 'bad behaviour' from a foreigner in your country - would it inspire you to want to work with them?  It isn't always 'the best deal' that wins the contract.

Why are values and beliefs so important?

As an example think of the generally accepted differences between Americans, British, Japanese and French... Americans are meant to be all for money, British for good manners and fair play, Japanese for doing things collectively and extreme politeness, French for prioritising family over work. OK, this is a generalisation, caricature for each but based on elements of fact.  So, if you treat them all the same, what happens? You offend all of them to a greater or lesser degree.  If you want to be made welcome and have a good chance of succeeding you MUST accept and adapt to their values to be able to create and develop a good, loyal working relationship.

How can I improve performance and achieve transformational goals?

If the people you need to motivate don't understand the way you act and don't trust you, they won't work well or happily.  You need to understand what they think and feel to establish that essential rapport so they feel comfortable that you accept their values and beliefs. Then, they will believe what you say and will accept your guidance and support. Understanding is not based on language, it is based on way of thinking and acceptance of someone else's cultural values.

How can I achieve a specific outcome?

Know the way of working, prepare for the challenge before you.  Not only do you need the well-prepared arguments, killer presentation, excellent negotiation skills, you also need to understand the politics and economics of the country from what really happens inside the country as well as the company, not just the 'official' position. People from another culture aren't going to believe or do what you say just because you say it - you have to present the ideas to them in a way they can accept and integrate.

  • Your Coaching Program

    What do you want from your Coaching? Is it finding and overcoming your lack of clarity and motivation so you create a clear and tangible path to follow confidently and with enthusiasm? Is it focusing on your career or future goals and innovating ways to attain them?

    Your Coaching program is tailored to your specific goals and aspirations.

    ⇒ Spend a minimum of 45 minutes four times a month working with me to achieve your goals.
    ⇒ Whatever your priorities are, we will go to the heart of your needs and objectives.
    ⇒ We will focus on your career/life direction, development and progression and follow the fastest path to meet your goals.
    ⇒ Each session is custom designed to meet your individual needs.
    ⇒ Length of coaching is flexible but normally lasts for 3 to 6 months.

    Your coaching program costs €465 per month and covers 4 x 45 minute calls per month plus unlimited email access and feedback in between.

    If you would like to discuss what you would like to achieve in your coaching program then just fill out the Contact Form and we can take it from there.

  • 90 minute 'Laser Focus Success' Session

    If you are working on a new project, important meeting or interview and you want to make it more successful and get better results…

    If you have some specific questions you wish to work on or you want guidance on the best ways to approach and prepare this to make a bigger impact…

    Then, the best option for you is probably a one-off Laser Focus Success session. We will work by skype or telephone for 90 minutes to laser in on your most important issues. We will review potential solutions, and focus on selecting the right options and putting these into action.

    Recent discussions have included:

    ⇒ Promotion interview to Vice President position in front of international selection board.
    ⇒ Negotiating and winning international deals when the competition are native English speakers.
    ⇒ Developing the right ‘sensitive and politically correct’ approach in international conferences and summits.
    ⇒ Searching for new career challenges in Anglo-Saxon and Multinational groups at CEO level.
    ⇒ Crossing the barrier between public sector and private sector in other countries.
    ⇒ Understanding and positively managing the different mindset and way of working when having to restructure teams in other countries.

    ⇒ Crossing the divide and creating successful and dynamic presentations and meetings in English with key clients who are native English speakers and a totally different culture…

    Getting expert input can save you months of time and get you straight to the results you’re looking for. A one-to-one Laser Focus Success session with me is €255.  Book your Laser Focus Success Session or  fill out the Contact Form.

    As you can imagine, I only have time for a limited number of Laser Focus Success sessions per month, usually at most 5 or 6. The rest of the time I am working with my regular clients.