Langenecker1bDieter Langenecker Life Mentoring  is very supportive in helping people Living a Meaningful Life. He specializes in Personal Mentoring, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship and International Change-Management and is currently working on a new business approach based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy. (See an article he wrote recently here)

Dieter interviewed me about the work I do with the Rwanda Literacy Project. This association  was set up to answer a fundamental need – helping the survival and education of women, children, widows and other destitute people trying to exist in a war-torn and developing country.  Until now, most of these young children, girls and widows have been living abandoned on the streets, with no family, no-one to care for them, no one to help them and definitely no hopes for the future….

Dieter starts the interview with me as follows:

“This is the second of a series of interviews with people who have found their meaning in life – and live it.  Anna Letitia Cook is British, living in Rennes, France. She is the director of International Executives (Business English, Executive Coaching), and a very dear friend of mine.  Last month we were talking on skype about the wonderful Rwanda Literacy Project she is involved in. Listen in…

Read more about the Rwanda Literacy Project and how you can get involved at Rwanda Literacy Project and Anna’s page Giving Back.