Anna Cook International Executives is for mature Women Executives (and enlightened men) who want to enjoy and succeed in their choice of an international future when English is a second language.

Many of my clients wish to change, develop or expand their career internationally.  You may have a difficult choice to make, or a transition where you don’t see the clear path to take and you really want to find one.  You want to discover how you can do this while making the best use of your strengths, values and beliefs.

I help many CEOs and Senior Executives in France, Spain and other countries, to improve their future, develop their skills and relationships by Transition Coaching, Business English training and Executive Coaching.

You will be working with me for the very real opportunity of achieving a goal that would not be achieved without fearless coaching. You want to breakthrough and do something differently – As Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.  



People say I am a mad eccentric with an adventurous spirit; strong, quick, bright, impossible to argue with, always positive, full of encouragement and ideas, very hard-working and a loyal, supportive friend and colleague. Needless to say I like “my people” very much! (Lol).

I’m a Brit and a passionate globetrotter (think Captain Cook!). I love exploring and embracing new cultures, which explains why I have lived and worked in several countries in Europe ─ UK, Spain, France and Italy ─ as well as on the other side of the pond: Canada, USA and particularly Bermuda. My original training in Business and Management Studies (with options Politics, Economics, Translating/Interpreting) gave me great scope for work and travel. As well as my native English, I speak Spanish, French and some Italian.

Professionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 25 years, gaining excellent and very interesting experience at all levels in media, import-export, energy, defence, investments, commercial real estate and now working with non-native English speakers. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, I took the challenge in 1991 to set up and head my own small companies.

Anna Cook International Executives developed from having taught and coached colleagues and clients in the various countries where I worked. Discovering a great passion for ─ and fulfilment in ─ teaching and coaching non-native English speakers led me to change career, to specialise in Transition Coaching, teaching Business English, and Executive Coaching for senior and aspiring executives (particularly women – hence the great passion for women empowerment) to help them prosper doing business internationally in English and so develop and succeed in their careers.

Anna Letitia Cook

6 things you may not know about me:

  • 1

    When I’m not working, I’m relaxing in a lovely longère in the heart of Brittany, where I try to keep fit and supple with pilates, ballet (one of my passions) and yoga.

  • 2

    I am a creative type, loving all things art, interior design, architecture - even studying History of Art at Uni as an option along with politics and economics.

  • 3

    I have (temporarily) ‘retired’ from my favourite sport, eventing (I love all three parts, Dressage, Show-jumping and Cross-country).

  • 4

    My first dream, and enduring passion, is ballet. I started when I was 3 years old, was lucky enough to find ballet classes in almost all the countires I lived in, so keeping the flame alive 🙂

  • 5

    My favourite relaxation is roaming the countryside with my 2 shadows, Doug and Dami, my very beautiful flat-coated retrievers!

  • 6

    My greatest fun is descending on my children, family and friends for some really wonderful moments in their company.