What is the caring face of an annual review? It is when the company and HR department show that they are as, or more, interested in you and your whole life aspirations as your role within the company and how it impacts the bottom line…

Progressive companies like Netflix, GE, Accenture, my favourite DLGL, are rethinking their process. GE is abolishing their system which gives employees a performance score related to ther peers. Accenture instead of annual evaluations and rankings are taking on a more personalized and timely approach. UCLA researcher Samuel Culbert says of performance reviews that they they are “a curse on corporate America”. Whatever country you are in, the traditional performance review frequently causes as many, or more, problems than it solves. People today want open communication, they want to feel they are a valued and appreciated team member, they want regular, frequent, personal feedback and constructive encouragement.

What can you and your company do to make caring reviews a fundamental part of the company policy?

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Anna Letitia Cook
Anna Letitia Cook

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