Women's Career Advancement

Same workplace, different realities...

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Perspective on your situation
  • Essential steps to identify what you want
  • A strategic career plan for getting where you want to go
  • Techniques, strategies and actions to create a happier, more fulfilling career

Men and women’s way of approaching issues in business is often very different. Due to traditional predeterminations, women often feel at disadvantage, they think they don’t know the 'invisible rules of success'. Whether it is conveying your abilities, being seen and heard, dealing with corporate politics, being (and being appreciated as) a productive team member, building an effective network or leading successfully, far too many executive women undermine their credibility, unknowingly, by simple mistakes in their attitude and behaviour. The concepts and ideas we have, as women, can affect our beliefs and the way we act to achieve career success. Let me help you understand what is happening and how you can flourish, and advance, in this often male-dominated, corporate environment.


In business, the majority of women executives feel that they have a real disadvantage something that statistics agree with. Even though women are now in business in unprecedented numbers they still find being promoted at the same rate as men is difficult. Today only a small percentage of women have reached the top. Of the 47% of the workforce that are women, only 15% of them are in executive positions. Becoming successful in the corporate world needs focus, dedication and commitment.

alc welc 2 sq 2Why me? Do I understand the problems for women wanting to get to the very top in their career?  ⇒ Yes, I firmly believe that I do

I have experienced many of the doubts and challenges so often present for a woman seeking advancement and parity in their career.  From the start of my working life, my mother was horrified that I wanted a career.  She was a lovely, capable woman but was adamant that women should marry, have children and be there to do everything to help their husband’s career, and definitely NOT have one of their own.  Her two sisters were dynamic successful career women, but they never married as they believed they had to choose between marriage or a career, and could not have both.

Luckily my father was very liberal and supportive.  As my brothers were high-flying businessmen, my father, when I was a teenager, never hesitated to tell me I was capable of achieving their level, or better!  However, it did make for very conflicting messages in our household, and my mother being strong-willed, never changed her ideas on women and work!  Added to that there were strong cultural differences in our family as my parents were different nationalities and from worlds with different values.

Having worked in challenging positions in international markets, having received regular promotion and now having had my own companies for over 20 years, I have a particular interest in helping women to advance in their careers.

Now find out more about choosing and personalising the best program for you:

With women’s career advancement coaching, professional women can focus on career, leadership, and professional development to reach the highest level of corporate success.  The fact that of the 47% of the workforce that are women, only 15% of them are in executive positions, is something that needs to be changed. Use this training and coaching to help you identify and break through to the executive level, success, and reward you want in your career.

Women's Career Development Coaching

Business English by telephone online>>> If you are ready to move up the proverbial career ladder, you need help finding the best way forward.  Women’s Career development coaching will accelerate and improve your career, focusing on your values, vision and objectives.

You might be asking yourself:

◊  What is the right way to lead or manage my staff?
◊  How do I move up the hierarchy in a way that reflects my values?
◊  How do I manage pressure and competition while retaining work-life balance?
◊  What are the right choices for me in both career and personal life?
◊  How can I be authentic and use my strengths effectively?

With Women’s Career Development Coaching we work together, so that you gain perspective on your situation, you take the essential steps to identify what you want, and developing a strategic career plan for getting where you want to go and how to make it a reality.  With effective techniques, strategies and actions you create a happier, more fulfilling career.

This program includes:

⇒  Goal setting
⇒  Executive Women's situational analysis with personalised feedback
⇒  Career and Personal Development Plan

⇒  Customized program based on your needs and objectives.
⇒  Requires a minimum 12-hour engagement, 6 two-hour sessions (one session per month) or 12 one-hour sessions (two per month), to be completed within a six month time period.

Cost: €1800  (Payable in three instalments)

Women's Executive Leadership Coaching

>>> Are you a developing woman leader?  Women’s Executive Leadership Coaching is for you if you are a successful department manager or team leader and have fixed your goal on becoming a Director, Senior Executive or Board member.

You might be asking yourself:

◊  How can I grow as a leader?
◊  What can I do to challenge, motivate and develop my team?
◊  Where do I go for objective support when I have challenges, difficult situations and choices?
◊  How can I balance/ align my core values with all areas of my life?
◊  I have reached the top, but now, at my age, with younger managers competing to take over, what is my future?
◊  At this stage of my career, can I, or how can I, make a major change?

Through coaching, women executives targeting vice president and senior director level reinforce their leadership potential and become more effective by developing their ability to:
  • Use their strengths
  • Distinguish between assertive and aggresive
  • Build and nurture relationships
  • Achieve results and maintain success
  • Develop leadership presence
  • Show emotional intelligence
  • Think strategically
  • Negotiate the different challenges of the upper levels of the organisation, often dominated by men and male leadership styles

Women's Executive Leadership coaching program includes:

⇒ Goal setting
⇒ Executive women's leadership analysis with personalised feedback
⇒ Creating a career and personal development plan
⇒ Outline of specific and measurable goals
⇒ Development of strategic roadmap for measurable success
⇒ Customised program based on your needs and objectives

  • Individual telephone/online coaching sessions, including skills development and attitude/behaviour modification, image/reputation enhancement
  • Monthly coaching/action summaries
  • Unlimited email support
  •  Requires a minimum one year engagement. Coaching sessions twice monthly
  •  Optional extra (for an additional fee): Intensive one-on-one residential weekend workshop

Cost: 7% of the individual’s salary (or a minimum of €8000)

It is especially designed to best suit your needs and goals so you achieve maximum success. Please contact me to talk about your situation, objectives and priorities.

Please contact me today by telephone on +33 9 82 59 76 37 or email anna@international-executives.com so we can talk more about what you would like and to discuss your personalised program.