How Can I Help You?

If you need help with boosting your international career, you're in the right place.

I have developed a series of training products to help busy professional people learn simple, practical methods to become confident, effective senior executives and market leaders working in a challenging international environment, particularly when English is their second language.

Business EnglishBusiness English Language School

  • How do I learn to speak English correctly and confidently
  • Can I achieve good business results in an international market

International RelationsInternational Culture and Relations

  • Can I understand and integrate other business cultures and protocol.
  • What is the best way to adapt effectively to different ways of working.
⇒ Which service is best suited to you?  Well, it probably depends on what issues you need to address.

My products flow easily and smoothly from one to the other for an all-encompassing package that will create a consistent pipeline of opportunities and progress for you and your career goals.  Alternatively, you may prefer to concentrate on one aspect depending on your current situation and laser focused objectives.

Are you aiming for an international career where many of your peers are Anglo-Saxon, native or fully bilingual English speakers with extensive experience living and working in other countries? – Business English training would give you knowledge and mastery of English and the international way of working to actively contribute to your professional advancement.

Are you a business leader, having to negotiate, adapt and work well under pressure in challenging circumstances? – Do you need clarity on which direction, focus or path to take whether professionally or personally? Do you feel torn between a glittering career, an inner dream, and a fulfilling life?  How about having all three?

Are you at a stage where you face difficult  choices and transitions, either professional or personal, and which you want to make in alignment with your core strengths and values, to develop your own self-awareness and achieve positive, productive action?

Are you a career woman searching to develop and succeed in your choice of the future and reach the highest level of responsibility, achieving parity with your male counterparts while retaining your own character and femininity? If so please visit WomenUP Global.

⇒ Which product should you select?

Again this probably depends on your position, what stage you are in your career and whether you have any particularly difficult decisions, choices or transitions to make.  Why don’t you contact me and we can talk about your needs, objectives and options?

Call me on +33 9 82 59 76 37, or use the contact form, so we can talk about your situation.